Christmas island fishing

christmas island fishing

Christmas Island Giant Trevally Fishing. Giant trevally are an exciting strong fighting fish. We heard rumors that Christmas Island was loaded with GT. Having almost single handedly brought the sport and art of fly fishing for bonefish into the public conscience, Christmas Island remains one of the best. Fly fishing for bonefish, trevally and triggerfish at Christmas Island, Australia. Kirsty Faulkner announces her first Christmas Island photo tour! More commonly are the 5 to 50 pound size that will demonstrate an impressive surface strike on a wide variety of streamers poker figuren surface poppers. Christmas Island Testimonials Read what some of our previous clients had to say about their Christmas Island fishing trip. You can visit FIJI AIRWAYS web site at www. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Mullet and milkfish are an abundant food source for local netters, most of whom no longer target bonefish or trevally. Bonefish are one of the top target species at Christmas Island.


Fly fishing for GT's and Bonefish on Christmas Island 2017

Christmas island fishing -

Facebook Gplus Home Articles Contact Team Current Weather Tabwakea Village. This past winter, we were able to get the boats into areas I never thought possible, which allowed us to fish places in the lagoon that rarely get any action. Christmas Island is the largest atoll in the world, encompassing about square miles including the central lagoon and salt water ponds, that occupy about square miles. We are very proud of our guide team.